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About Shay Locksmith

Established in 2007 in Ville st-laurent, Shay locksmith become fast growing locksmith company. If you are searching for a locksmith in Montréal that does it all, you have come to the right place. We offer a full spectrum of services that cover everything, from residential and commercial properties to automobiles and security cameras. When you work with us, you get much more than a trained professional. You get friendly staff with 10 years of experience who know how to handle emergency lockout situations. We are the best. Our clientele are people like you, Small or big companies, we are doing jobs for the biggest compagnies in canada they have a trust in our job and honesty. We provide clients with pictures before and after to maximize our services and to show what issue was repaired.

Service Available Any time.

 We understand that when our clients need service, they need it fast. We can help with emergency situations 24 heures par jour, 365 jours par an. Lockouts happen when you least expect them. Whether you are arriving home in the middle of the night or driving your vehicle running afternoon errands, you could wind up accidentally locking yourclés inside.

Experience Means Better Quality

Les clients qui ont besoin d'un serrurier pour nous tourner à cause de notre vaste expérience dans l'industrie,,en,ans d'histoire de travail de serrurerie,,en,notre personnel peut faire le travail efficacement et,,en,rapidement,,en,Prix ​​abordables sur tous les services Serrurier,,en,L'une des plus grandes préoccupations des clients lors de l'embauche ont serruriers est le prix,,en,Certains besoins de serrurerie sont soudains et inattendus,,en,tandis que d'autres doivent entrer dans une entreprise serré ou budget personnel,,en,Nous comprenons les besoins de nos clients et travailler dur pour les rencontrer avec des tarifs abordables,,en. With over 10 years of locksmith work history, our staff can get the job done efficiently and quickly.

Affordable Prices on All Locksmith Services.

One of the biggest concerns clients have when hiring locksmiths is price. Some locksmith needs are sudden and unexpected, while others have to fit into a tight business or personal budget. We understand the needs of our clients and work hard to meet them with affordable rates.

Service de serrurerie avec No Surprises,,en,Tous les clients savent exactement ce qu'ils obtiennent et combien coûtent les services avant de commencer,,en,Nous fournissons des devis gratuits qui comprennent les prix exacts avant que le client engage,,en.

All clients know exactly what they are getting and how much services cost before we begin. We provide free estimates over the phone before leaving our promisses once that include accurate pricing before performing any job client obligated to sign invoice before starting. Our locksmith services come with no unexpected surprises or fees. Contactez-nous or call us at 514-836-9097

Afin de servir nos clients plus rapidement, notre bureau central est situé dans 2405 Rue Valade, Ville Saint-Laurent, (Montréal) Québec. Contactez nous.